It’s important to note that self-build insurance is different from standard home insurance, as it is specifically tailored to cover the unique risks associated with building or renovating a property.

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Self Build Insurance policies can cover you for 12 or 18 months. We also offer an option of 3 months extension for client who have an expiring Self-Build policy

Self-Build Insurance is necessary to protect your investment when you’re carrying out a renovation, conversion, extension or new build. Our Self-build Insurance policy covers the new work, existing structure and rest of the site. It protects against the likes of losses, fire theft, flood, storm damage, vandalism and accidental damage.

Most builders will have some form of insurance, but this is often not comprehensive enough to cover your whole site. Many builders’ insurance policies have limits which won’t cover the whole cost of your build or your site if they are not on it. You will also need to prove they have been negligent and pursue them in court at your own expense for a successful claim.

You become responsible for insuring your site as soon as the exchange of contracts has taken place. Self-Build Insurance should be taken out at this point in time to at least cover your liabilities until the construction works begin, at which point the main body of the policy will automatically come into force.

Self build insurance is a tailored package of cover specifically designed for self-managed new builds, renovations, conversions or extensions. Unlike generic public liability policies etc, self build protect helps to ensure the very specific set of risks on your project are covered without over or under-insuring.

How it works

Our Self Build Insurance Policy covers you for:

New Building Works
Up to 120% of Professional Reinstatement Costs

Existing Building
Up to 120% of Professional Reinstatement Costs

Public Liability
€2.6m or €6.5m Limit of Indemnity

Employers Liability
€13m Limit of Indemnity

Own/Hired In Plant
Options up to €30,000

Length of Policy
12,18 months with 3 months extension for clients with existing Self Build policies


Builder measuring stud work in self build insurance home project